Katrin Inclusive Dispensers is a complete series of washroom dispensers for the professional market. The products have been developed in close collaboration with users, as the focus for the range is Inclusive Design. The first in their class to take this approach, Katrin Inclusive Dispensers includes usability related features aimed at specific target users, who are often overlooked. Our belief is that Inclusive Design is beneficial both for users and producers, and that designing a product for specific users, such as facility management personnel, children, blind or elderly, can make them easier to use for everyone. We aimed to achieve this, with an elegant touch. Dispensers are ubiquitous, yet overlooked interactions; however, you’ll soon notice if they’re empty! Their objective is to facilitate hygiene and comfort, as well as being parts of the interior design. Our goal in this project was to consider the various human aspects, of use and of maintenance, and to show that these products can confidently be used by everyone. We support the European Accessibility Act with this effort. Please check out our campaign website: www.katrin-dispensers.com for a more in-depth look.

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