IONEX ionizer is the smallest and the most powerful ionizer on the market, the size of 11 x 5 cm, made from high-quality ABS material. It is completely silent, easily portable and the only one in the world that emits negative ions from the unique carbon brush without the presence of unhealthy ozone. The design and shape are adapted in such manner that a user can easily hold it in hand when inhaling the negative ions, or be placed on a higher position for the purpose of cleaning the air. Design of IONEX ionizer is adapted for the living spaces (220V) as well as for cars and trucks (12/24V). Negative ions are the only capable of removing bacteria, viruses, dust and dangerous sub-micron particles of carcinogenic exhaust and soot from the air, which are constantly being accumulated in our lungs and cause a number of diseases. Global scientific institutes have proved that negative ions have a healing effect on the body. Inhalation of negative ions near the carbon brush is recommended. Therefore, negative ions are necessary part of all indoor living spaces and cars, as they improve living conditions, allow a better quality of life and prolong it.

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