Intelligent urine collector is a home high- tech urine care products, suitable for bedridden patients or walking inconvenient people, night urinary frequency crowd. Can be in their own bed operation, easy to use.Innovative modular body design, is the industry’s smallest, most powerful products. The product is compact, small size, easy to carry. Comfortable urine collection cup design ergonomic, no leakage of urine, so that patients use safe and comfortable.Highly integrated design,Minimum size, easy to move.Use comfortable,privacy protection.One- button remove sewage,To prevent direct contact with excreta.Large capacity urine collection bucket designed to meet the needs of a day, without frequent cleaning.Intimate night use soft light, eliminating the need to use the lights before the trouble.One- button bottom of the remove sewage design, without opening the lid, so that the smell does not spread. One-button of the remove sewage, easy to operate, completely eliminate the user and urine contact, to avoid cross-infection of bacteria, the overall use of safe, efficient, convenient and comfortable.

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