The hd 480 WSI-V ValiPak TOUCH bar sealer was developed especially for the heat sealing of sterile barrier systems (pouches and reels). During the sealing process, the critical process parameters temperature, pressure and sealing time must be monitored routinely. The international standard ISO 11607-2 explicitly requires validated packaging processes. The new ValiPak TOUCH meets these requirements. Integrated validation technologies (ValiUp and AppCtrl) and a 5K high-resolution touch screen round off this device concept focused on comprehensive ergonomics. Using hawo’s exceptional control apps, all device and programming functions can be called up directly. Thanks to AppCtrl, operation and communication become child‘s play. Intuitive functions and carefully thought-out solutions ensure perfect handling. The large 4.3“ touchscreen on the ValiPak TOUCH is always in the user‘s field of vision and shows all status and warning messages. High-quality recyclable materials as well as energy-saving technologies conserve resources and protect the environment. Due to its compact design, ValiPak TOUCH is ideal for use in clinics, as well as dentist’s surgeries and smaller healthcare facilities

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