We designed this medical device for Green-Gross (South Korean represenitive Medical company). Surgery doctor use this syringe to apply a chemical solution of a hemostatic agent to the internal bleeding area of body during surgery. Two kinds of chemical solution of a hemostatic agent should be put into the bleeding area exactly and at the same time by this ‘two-way syringe’. This product has been designed in order to provide surgery doctors with convenient and reliable grip for exact operation during surgery. It can significantly reduce the possibility of departure from the hand during operation. And soft shapes and pastel colors give the visual comfort. The plunger head has a concave shape to minimize the slip and to make easy to grip in diverse direction of thumb. Handle which is curved from left and right of the body give the best comfort and stability for finger grip and also give design differenticaton. This syringe was awarded Korea 2015 Good Design and KIDP president’s award.

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