The FOX inhaler is used for treatment of severe respiratory diseases with liquid inhalation solutions and suspensions.

FOX incorporates flow and volume regulated inhalation technology (FAVORITE). FAVORITE allows an optimum drug distribution across the entire lung, importantly including the small airways. This most distal region of the lung is typically not accessible with standard nebulizer systems due to the obstructions caused by scarred tissue and mucus in the lungs of patients with a severe disease status. The FOX inhaler is the first handheld nebulizer system, which achieves optimal lung deposition rates with lower drug doses and better therapeutic outcomes in the treatment of diseases as asthma, cystic fibrosis or pulmonary hypertension.

The clear and user centric design of FOX make inhalation treatments dramatically shorter, easy and convenient. During the design process of FOX user handling steps and the number of handled parts were reduced to the minimum to receive a device that is intuitively used in the right way. FOX is fully battery powered and can be recharged with standard phone chargers with micro-USB connectors.

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