Flex-Airfit’s contoured, ergonomic design follows the natural curve of your head shape, properly supporting your head, neck and shoulders when you sleep on your back or side.

Each side of pillow is designed with a streamlined wing structure to dissipate pressure on the jaw in the lateral position.

A half-moon shaped cut-out line adapted to create the optimal head angle and allows comfortable sleeping environment by evenly distributing the pressure of head weight regardless of the length of the neck.

Front and rear side of the pillow has different heights for selective usage, depending on neck thickness and conditions.

Two additional pads provide customised height regardless of head shape and size and help to revitalize poor blood circulation, nerve compression and muscular fatigue around the cervical area.

Dual spaces on the bottom of pillow minimise pressure of sleeper’s cheekbone and ear.

On top of Flex-Airfit’s cover design varieties, therapheutic aspects of Flex-Aifit Pillows are approved and certified by Ergonomie Institut Muenchen, Dermatest GmbH and Aktion Gesunder Ruecken e.V in Germany.

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