DAYDOSE™ is a brand new concept developed by Abacus Medicine for the food supplements market. With a minimalistic design, DAYDOSE™ takes the complexity out of supplementing and brings users the convenience of an on-the-go solution to complement a modern lifestyle. DAYDOSE™ combines highest quality ingredients with genuine packaging – where form meets function. DAYDOSE™ combines vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, energizers and Omega-3 fatty acids into daily servings, each marked with the respective day of the week to help users track their intake. They are packed in a patented blister solution that features a compact design and an ergonomic peel-off lidding for the users that have trouble with traditional push-through blisters, e.g. arthritis patients. Having focus on recyclability and reusability, DAYDOSE™ uses blisters made of 80% recycled PET and a reusable PP hardbox to carry a week’s worth of micronutrients. With a monthly refill pack that contains four weekly blisters, the users are encouraged to reuse the hardbox for several months and to take the decision themselves when it is time to renew it.

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