Cue Vapor System

Saving lives, looking cool! The Cue Vapor System is targeted to existing smokers and designed to direct them to a healthier life by moving them away from the use of tobacco products. Cue enables smokers to conquer their dependence on tobacco by delivering an experience that duplicates the sensorial and emotional aspects of smoking that they find pleasurable, while eliminating the harmful chemicals and tars.

Our goal was to deliver the high-end vaping experience of the ‘modded’ vaping devices, but with a simpler operational interface and a ‘closed’ system for the vaping fluid via a replaceable capsule or cartridge.

Features of the CUE:

Smooth sleek design that slips easily into a pocket or purse and that is comfortable to hold.

Flavored vapor liquid in sealed replaceable containers that snap easily and securely into place.

Vaporizing filament and wick that normally would need to be replaced periodically (messy operation) are integrated into the replaceable containers reducing maintenance.

High capacity LiPO batteries for operating all day on a charge, re-charged through mini-USB port.

High quality die cast aluminum frame and polycarbonate side panels

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