Partron Croise.a Thermo Capsule (PTD-100) with thermopile sensor that Partron developed is Non-contact type / IR base thermometer and it is approved as a medical device by FDA and KFDA. Small and light product makes it portable. User puts it in the bag, wears it like necklace, carry it as a key chain. User connects it into the mobile earjack and run app to use it. App. can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. Non-contact type makes it sanitary and safe. It provides fast and accurate data within 5 seconds. If get fever, user can find the nearest hospital / pharmacy using app. It can measure not only body temperature but also object temp. (Metal, Plastic, Wood, Water, Glass, etc), ambient temp. User can use it in their living. It measures temperature for pet, baby bottle, wine, coffee, food, oil, bath water.

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