INNOVATIVE ERGONOMIC CRANIOSTAT Stability and comfort with as many as 7 support points for the sake of a stable patient under all circumstances. With a seat for the chin, the adjustable self-locking forehead support and the replaceable bite block, the positioning system has never been so simple and effective. Perfect images in every situation (3 patents pending: EP2932903A1, EP2932904A1, EP2942014A2). Autocentering bite, blocked with a lever. Slidable front rest. Temple rest in the form of two arches which block through shape friction. No springs, which means better comfort for patients. Suitable for a wide range of head sizes, from child to big adult. Maximum ergonomic space for the patient with minimum diameter in order to allow a large number of acquisitions. Project based on a modular approach; this craniostat can be used on a variety of radiographic extraoral apparatuses. This craniostat allows to increase the number of different types of acquisitions with the same radiographic apparatus (from 15 to 47). All the supports are made of carbon fiber composite, to allow a perfect X-ray transparency.

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