The CONTOUR™NEXT ONE meter and the CONTOUR™DIABETES app create an integrated and simplified diabetes management system. The user’s blood glucose (BG) results are captured throughout the day and are automatically synced and logged in the app. This digital diary provides the tools for users to make informed decisions about their health.

The meter’s overall design has been modernized for better usability. Its slender shape allows the user to take it anywhere and fit neatly in a kit with their lancing device and strips. The simple buttons provide good touch points for patients with physical limitations. The LCD screen’s large blood glucose numbers present the most important data with hierarchy and clear visuals. The smartLIGHT feature gives the patient an instant indicator of blood glucose results by signaling whether the reading is within target, above target, or below target, providing additional feedback for the user in a way that others meters don’t. It also allows users better visibility when testing in the dark. The slice detail provides a focal point for the product as well as a clear direction where the strip is inserted.

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