Clarks have been delivering world class product for over a century and a half, with supreme fit and comfort at the heart of every pair of shoes produced. In order to maintain their enviable position as the world’s leading fitted shoe brand, Clarks have developed a world class foot measurement system, in conjunction with Designworks Ltd. This system represents over two years of intensive design, development and testing and is now delivering the most accurate results ever seen in a retail environment.

Using ground breaking technologies including non-contact capacitive measurement, wireless data transmission and applications capable of complex algorithmic calculations in seconds, the iPad foot gauge allows the expertly trained fitters to quickly and accurately ascertain the exact foot size.

Three main elements make up the design:
• An iPad – running an app capable of gathering and displaying the information in an easily interpreted, consumer engaging way.
• The Digitape – a device capable of measuring the foot digitally, within fractions of millimetre accuracy.
• The Footplate – Intuitive, mobile, robust and accurate.

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