Every day, bed bathing and assisted showering routines result in needless injuries for care providers and a loss of dignity for patients. This can be prevented by making simple changes to the procedure and by using better equipment. This shower trolley has been designed to provide a safe and time efficient working solution for caregivers and a comfortable and dignified hygiene experience for immobile patients and residents. The innovative design of the “carving shaped” stretcher, in combination with the opening in the side support, makes it possible to work close by your patient, reducing static stress. The integrated control panels are reachable from all major positions, allowing carer to spend more time focusing on the patient. The comfort handle promote participation and mobility, enabling the patient to participate when being turned and enhances sense of security. Elevated back support improves the comfort for patient, by facilitating breathing and make the patient feel more involved in the activity. The Flexi Zone improves the laying comfort by distributing the pressure on the body and it facilitates safe positioning of the patient, reducing the risk of the patient sliding.

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