The Cardio First Angel (CFA) is a feedback-system for laymen, to be able to help quick and effective in case of a heart attack or a cardiac arrest.
The CFA with its small size and the low weight allows it to be carried up everywhere (backpack, car, office, household etc.). A self-explaining and easily comprehensible manual in the form of pictograms is printed on the button. The CFA supports laymen in all uncertainty aspects. The device lays in between the first aider and the patient and prevents fear of contact. The positioning aid guarantees the right position on the chest and a loud and clear click-sound indicates if the right amount of pressure is gained to compress the chest 50-60 mm deep. Furthermore it is shown on the device that a frequency of 100-120 compressions per minute should be gained.
The device works purely mechanical – without battery or other power supply – has a sturdy construction, does not need to be maintained and is ready to use at any time, for and from every person from 16-99 years.
Positive results were tested and given by Prof. Dr. Christian Hagl (LMU Munich) within a clinical study.

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