Customized reading magnifiers for the visually impaired properties
Glaucoma, cataract, photophobia, macular degeneration, optic atrophy, retinal detachment, as the image rendering technology has been implemented taking into account the characteristics of the various low vision.

Color changing mode button for the low vision properties
Service binary images obtained national patent, so use the user to select the most visible color. 5 color modes: normal color mode, black and white print(white background black, black and white reverse)mode, black with yellow print mode.

Unlimited distance magnification function
At least 1 times – up to 22 times magnification and contraction is possible to use a magnifying function you want.

Ergonomic handle design
Right, Left Handed allow all possible three phase angle adjustment knob.

Automatically controls the camera’s focus, regardless of distance, to change things.

Snashot button for magnifying

Mirror function
When women make-up button, if you make sure that debris gets in the face like, you can use a simple.

Folding Stand and Cradle for Reading

Four kinds of color buttons for low-vision’s easy to distinguish.

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