The Bticino Bed Head Slim is a service system for medical spaces like hospitals and retirements homes. The product line is characterized by its sleek design, modularity and the possibility to personalize in functionality and size. The main unit integrates lighting, electrical and digital functions and it can also be attached directly onto the medical gas channel. The system offers a complete and flexible service solution with a compact and integrated look and feel. The comfort of the patient is guaranteed by 4 lighting modes (reading, ambient, visit, night). An ergonomic remote control is attached to the unit by a magnetic connection, if detached it automatically sends an alarm to the nurse. Hygiene is guaranteed by an anti-bacterial treatment on the full product. The lighting unit is available in 4 lengths (650-1600 mm) with various standard finishes and the possibility to personalize. It is sold pre-assembled and pre-wired to guarantee an easy and fast installation.

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