Problem: It is vital for Multiple Sclerosis patients to remain on therapy. However one of the most effective proven treatments requires injections every other day. Patients often suffer from injection anxiety. And many desire better connection to their healthcare teams.
Solution: a completely electronic patient-centered autoinjector: the BETACONNECT™. The BETACONNECT™ was developed to provide a gentler, lower-force injection than those offered by standard, spring-loaded mechanical devices. Optimized for patients with various impairments, the BETACONNECT features an intuitive user interface, an ergonomic design allowing one-handed injections, and automatic needle insertion and retraction. Injections conclude with end of dose-indicators that patients can hear and see.
Patients can customize injection speed, needle insertion depth, and injection reminders.
The BETACONNECT™ is also part of a computerized system allowing patients to upload their injection progress via cable or Bluetooth to a secure website. Their healthcare teams may then access this data to provide personalized support.
Result: the likelihood of greater patient treatment compliance – and better therapeutic outcome

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