Each year only in Germany, 6.250 people die and around 600.000 people get injured from falling in stairs. Stairs are difficult to climb and dangerous to fall. The AssiStep is a stair walking aid that helps elderly get the support and safety to climb stairs on their own. Unlike elevators and stair lifts, it helps its users stay active and climb the stairs themselves, and lets the users continue to use the best stairs; the best activity opportunity in the home. The AssiStep consists of a regular handrail which is installed in the wall along the stairs, coupled to a handle that stands horizontally out in front of the user. The handle has a mechanical stopping system that allows for simple movement, as well as a secure locking in case the user needs extra support. Compared to a stair lift, the AssiStep is a discrete, activating and low-cost alternative with a modern, attractive visual expression. The same way many users can use a rollator/walker instead of a wheelchair, many just need the small support that the AssiStep gives to continue staying active and use their stairs themselves. The most important focus in designing the AssiStep has been simplicity and giving a sense of safety.

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