The unique ANDANTE splint combines three major advantages to revolutionise emergency admission work:

Simple initial treatment
The ergonomic and user-friendly design means emergency teams can stabilise fractures of the entire leg (including the neck of the femur) with an anatomically correct axial alignment, simply and with a minimum of physical effort. The ANDANTE splint allows rapid, pain-free support of the fractured lower extremity. The simple application offers increased safety for both users and patients and substantially reduces the work involved.
Pain reduction
Pain reduction of up to 90% is possible as the fracture is only to a small extent in traction.
Improved radiographic images
The optimal stabilisation of the fractured area improves the clarity of anatomically axially-aligned radiographic images without increasing the radiation dosage. The splint is manufactured from X-ray transparent, non-magnetic material and is thus suitable for the full diagnostic process (radiographic, CT and MRI imaging).
ANDANTE – more safety for doctor and patient

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