The Amadis operating table series is built to meet the toughest conditions found in today’s ORs. Amadis is the first ever surgical table series designed by Mediland equipped with a hybrid power system, allowing for fast and smooth operation. Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg of up to 45 degree and lateral tilt of up to 35 degree and a height range from 660mm to 1210mm enable the most suitable position for any procedure with supported 454kg of patient weight. Interchangeable tabletops with a maximum sliding adjustment of 500mm provide a generous imaging area of 1,695 mm, while remaining completely steady. A motorized drive wheel facilitates smooth and efficient movement between ORs and recovery rooms. 360 degree rotation within the OR maximizes the OR utilization. The advanced 2.4GHz wireless hand control is ergonomically designed for single hand operation. The 3.5” LCD screen increases readability of the instantaneous table position data. It can also store 24 sets of table positions, saving time for surgery preparation. Innovative quick-release technology and adjustable handle with a locking mechanism both benefit patients and medical staff.

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