Our challenge was to design a hospital-appropriate method of dispensing our Avagard 9250 soap. We needed to create an object that invites the user to our product and also communicates a high sense of quality and effectiveness. The product has been designed to be utilized both on horizontal and vertical surfaces (thanks to a special plate on the back can be hang to the wall) , and because of a hidden sensor placed below the front face, user can utilize it without pressing any button or lever, improving the overall product experience. To create an engaging personality for the product, we created a “bubble”, a clear element placed on top of the product, that contains messages such as “ keep your hands clean”. As there are often more then 10 dispensers throughout hospital hallways, our goal was to create an easy to interchange element that can create a “story” rather then repeating the same message across every product. We want to create an elegant and timeless solution different from the “chunky industrial” appeal by enhancing beauty but also offering functionality. We want to make it easy to maintain and easy to clean; a product that attracts & engages consumers.

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