Made of highly elastic material, the support is softer and more elastic to improve the coverage of the torso. It also features great breathability, which can discharge heat and sweat rapidly, and can even be worn for longer periods. Abdominal pads with reinforced straps support the abdomen, stabilizing the lumbar spine to help correct the posture. The user-friendly pocket design on front closures allows users to adjust the fit with ease. Adjustable reinforced elastic straps also help the brace to wrap more evenly around the spine and allows the stays to fit the body compliantly, keeping the support in the right position. Thanks to the girdle around the shoulder, the straps provide a reminder function, guiding the thoracic spine back to its normal position. The additional aluminum stays are anatomically pre-curved to the contours of the spine allowing a more stable alignment to ensure the optimum compliance. By taking advantage of its material features, the stays can also be customized to adjust and support the spine for proper posture.

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