The ergonomic design of the PolyAxNail Targeting Device enables the orthopedic surgeon during the operation an intuitive and safe handling. This tool provides a safe operation technique to optimally insert an implant to treat bone fractures. The multi-patented and internationally protected “joystick” is part of the PolyAxNail Targeting Device and is used for easy individual adaptation of the implant to the present anatomy and the fracture path. The materials used are matched to the function, ergonomics, stiffness and the increased demands in the field of medical technology. The high-strength and X-ray transparent PEEK CFRP composite in conjunction with glass bead blasted stainless steel allows the surgeon to see the bone fracture on the radiograph and convinces also by a high resistance and a high-quality feel and appearance. The constructive implementation focused on the handling during, and also to the ease of use before and after surgery. The design impresses with the reduced number of components and a simple assembly and disassembly.

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