The patented Krabat Pilot is an innovative and unique type of crawling aid for disabled children, giving them the possibility to “fly” across the floor. Traditional crawling aids do not provide sufficient active assistance to lift the hips, or the dynamic movement of crawling. The Krabat pilot does exactly this.

The Krabat Pilot is multi adjustable and can follow a child through the crawling ages of approx. 1 – 5 years, or can be used by different children of different sizes.

Our product is a result of a multi disciplinary teams work. Hence all the functional requirements from engineers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists have been met, and at the same time we have managed to give the product a desirable design.

In our opinion ugly-looking aids promote stigmatization. Aids are often visible and used frequently, therefore an attractive appearance is very important. An appealing and functional design also contributes to the aid being used more often, and greater progress can be expected.

Krabat AS develops, manufactures and markets high quality aids for children and youths. No compromise is made at the expense of product function, aesthetics or quality.

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