The Genu PFS PROMASTER is a premium knee orthosis with joint splints and patella traction system for correcting and protecting the patella glide path. The individually adjustable tension system ensures a length compensation by deflecting the glide path which enables a uniform pressure dispersion. Elastic straps at the pad tails supplementary support an optimum pressure. Due to the direct skin contact of the exposed pad results an excellent fit and additional proprioception effect, whereby alignment and stabilisation of the patella is supported. Moreover, the very shallow, laterally integrated hinges with extension stop additionally stabilise the knee joint. So the patella is centered during the whole motion sequence, the glide path is correcting, and thus we obtain pain reduction and stress release. An individually contractable calf strap ensures a secure fit and minimises slippage of the orthosis. Furthermore the modern and attractive PROMASTER Premium design, in combination with the high quality of workmanship and materials cause superior wear characteristics and good compliance.

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