Batz Hungary Ltd. has been working on a new project during the past few years, and launched an innovative complex system of customized insoles in 2015. In a lifetime, we walk more than 3 times around the Earth. Customized insoles based on unique foot pattern ensure the right support of the body for our every step. The Batz’s Foot Analysis System is implanted into an exclusive, self-designed, workstation made of brushed stainless steel. All the Batz’s kiosk partitions support the easy, precise and perfect handle of the customized insole system. It contains all the 21st century technology including integrated next generation computer aided, sensitive pressure measurement platform, inbuilt vertical laser light supporting precise ankle’s angle measurement, eco-friendly, latest designed LED lights and direct internet connection to Batz Ltd.’s headquarter transferring the order and customer data. The real glass plates for models -ready for customized insoles- are all unique designed, illuminated by LED lights with a pale lit of the engraved Batz logo inside and fit naturally to the metal arches of the Kiosk. The Batz’s Foot Analysis Workstation is almost as unique as our foot imprint!

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