The unique concept behind the ART4LEG was to create a fully customized prosthesis cover for each user. To achieve this goal, the ART4LEG cover is created using the anatomical shape of the user’s sound leg acquired by 3D scanning. This technology also allows for the engineering of a cleverly tailored clamping system precisely fitting the user’s prosthesis. The user can choose a design from ART4LEG’s collection, or freely describe an idea of a bespoke design for the cover and ART4LEG will make it come true. Each cover is a fully customized product that expresses the user’s own personality. The covers are produced using high quality industrial 3D printers. Without 3D printing technology it would be technically complex and prohibitively expensive to produce such a unique cover for each user. The covers are very simple to attach and remove through the use of high-powered magnets. The style and functionality of the ART4LEG cover gives the prosthetic device a brand new dimension. They are not designed to be hidden from view nor try to disguise themselves as a natural leg; rather they are statement, a talking point, something of which the user can be truly proud.

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