This product mixes urinalysis, fertility monitoring and early pregnancy detection in one device. It is the only device can test not only dry chemical reagent but also immune colloidal gold reagent. Meanwhile it is a zero radiation smart terminal without Wifi, Bluetooth or cable. The diagnostic report can be scanned by smartphone synchronized to your APP. Portable design and touch screen operation, this device can be moved from laboratory to your home. Couples can be guided to adjust their body condition by urinalysis. Pregnant can also catch the sign of abortion symptom in early stage. By detecting the surge in LH (luteinizing hormone) that triggers ovulation can help you by identifying the days you are most likely to become pregnant. By HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) testing, you can easily and effectively learn whether or not pregnant, and even estimate your pregnant time in weeks. WECAN Health Science and Technology (Shanghai) Co,.Ltd

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