VOCSN is the first and only portable life support device to combine five respiratory therapies – Ventilation, Oxygen, Cough, Suction, and Nebulization (pronounced VOX-SEN) – into a single unified system. Rather than managing 5 devices, 5 power supplies, 5 patient circuits, 5 complex operating systems, and more than 55 lbs. of equipment, VOCSN provides an integrated solution the size of a lunchbox weighing only 18 lbs.

The everyday mobility of VOCSN allows patients and caregivers to always have access to all five therapies. 70% lighter and smaller than existing machines, VOCSN features a 9 hour on-board battery, an intuitive touchscreen interface and user-friendly operating system. Caregivers can seamlessly switch between therapies with the touch of a button and no longer need to change the patient circuit between therapies – saving time, creating peace of mind and reducing the opportunity for circuit misconnects and infection.

VOCSN is FDA cleared to work across the continuum of care- from hospital to home- and for pediatric patients (5+ kg) to adults. VOCSN is designed to improve care for patients with neuromuscular disease, impaired lung function and spinal cord injury.

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