Viva pro is an ultrasound tablet that features a 10″ touchscreen base. Viva pro is compact, lightweight (only 1.9KG), and energy efficient, and is especially suitable for a mobile examination environment. The device features an enhanced waterproof and impact resistant design for use in outside examinations or in ambulances.
For added mobility, Viva pro features a handle at the base that can be pulled out, used as a stand or a handle by rotating upwards—a simple component that adds multiple functions. For complex examinations, we offer a lightweight trolley that can hold probes, plastic bottles, or wind cables to comprehensively save space.
Unlike conventional ultrasound systems that use Windows and require a stylus or mouse, Viva pro operates on Android that offers cooling, energy efficiency, and an intuitive OS specifically designed for a tablet interface.
Viva pro’s design concept hopes to convey a sense of trust and a professional medical image. Abandoning plastic and paint design conventions, we used metallic processing to emphasize the device’s professional quality, make it easy to clean, add durability without paint that can chip, and enhance impact protection.

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