Vita Flex CR system is a new compact , lightweight and Modular design system that delivers excellent image quality and best can be positioned virtually anywhere in a healthcare facility.
This new system’s flexible design enables it to operate vertically as well as horizontally, so it can process CR cassettes sitting on the floor, a tabletop or desktop or even from the back of a van.
The unique Vita Flex CR can process vertical and horizontal multiple cassette sizes. This new system can address the diverse needs of imaging centers, private practices, urgent care facilities, smaller hospitals and mobile imaging operations, as well as orthopedic, veterinary and chiropractic providers.
Vita Flex CR is designed with serviceability approach and build out of three modular components to make it easy to install and service by the end user. The best user experience is achieved by incorporating an easy to self-install and self service capability, combined with a unique design that require no tools.
It is available in multiple throughput rates based on customer requirements. A touch screen allows users to quickly and easily select desired body parts and views to speed the imaging process.

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