Camera, monitor and examination chair are integrated to form a single compact unit. The camera is quickly swiveled out of its park position and can be adjusted to create crystal clear images of the examined area in the desired magnification. The control keys on the panel are easily operable thanks to the ergonomically designed handle. The keys have been placed in logical order and can be intuitively operated. This allows the physician to sit in a straight and relaxed manner. He has a clear view onto the monitor, which displays images that are vital for diagnosis and therapy in full HD quality. If desired, the patient can be informed and involved through the monitor. It is always possible for the patient to maintain eye contact to the physician, which supports a relaxed atmosphere. The exchange of image data with the electronic patient record is performed fast and secure with just one click. The image can also be saved by using a foot switch. This worldwide first full HD camera system was successfully integrated into the already existing medi-matic examination chair without compromising technology, ergonomics or the design.

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