uDR 370i is a mobile X-ray system tailored for developing countries, where high efficiency and flexibility are of top priority. It is one of the most space-saving mobile DRs and delivers high image quality and well-designed user experience. It is only 58cm in width, which can be easily driven by operators between narrow corridors. Thanks to “soft control” design, the system can be easily operated with fingertips. Equipped with a 19 inch LCD touchscreen, detailed information can be presented to operators vividly. The light under the screen displays operation status. The unique separate battery technology (one battery for vehicle’s movement, the other for exposure) makes maximal 21 days uninterrupted working possible. With the wireless remote exposure device (tablet), operators can monitor patients’ status and perform an exposure remotely, thus thoroughly protecting operators from radiation damage. The effective antibacterial nano-coating applied on contact surfaces help create a hygienic and relaxing clinical environment. The brand DNA is a combination of iconic geometric and organic shapes, one being the icon of precision and the other the symbol of love.

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