The Gynocular was developed to make a gold standard cervical examination convenient and accessible to every health setting in the world. The Gynocular has cutting edge optics and LED technology. It is lightweight and easily fits into a pocket, making the Gynocular the world’s first truly portable colposcope.

The Gynocular is battery powered using the world’s most common cellphone battery, giving it two hours of effective working time. The Gynocular is CE marked, has been clinically tested in Bangladesh, Uganda and Sweden and has already detected many cases of cervical cancer. The portability of the Gynocular enables doctors and nurses to conduct colposcopic examinations in rural/low-resource settings in the developing world, thus helping to alleviate the global cervical cancer epidemic.

The Gynocular has also proven to be a preferable choice to many doctors in the developed world. The small size of the Gynocular makes it less imposing for the patient. Also, it is more affordable and convenient than traditional colposcopes, which creates efficiency for doctors.

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