Suction and irrigation are part of any microsurgical procedure from the very beginning to the end.

Irrigation is mostly performed by an additional member of the operating room team. However, this approach requires additional personnel and more importantly the second instrument interferes with the surgeons view. More importantly this practice requires constant instructions to be given by the surgeon, which has the disadvantage of being not only time consuming but also has a negative effect on concentration and precision.

The Stieglitz-Suction and Irrigation Device combines both functions in a unique way – in a single small and disposable microsurgical instrument.

The special ergonomic design allows intuitive and secure handling and accommodates multiple grip positions. It is connected to a pressure infusion and a vacuum source by two flexible tubes. A keyhole-shaped opening enables the suction strength to be regulated. Irrigaton and suction are carried out through an attached tube. With a
small movement of the finger from the key-hole opening to an easily
operable push button, the surgeon can change the function from suction to irrigation.

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