In minimally invasive surgery (MIS ) is for holding and guiding the endoscope and related camera a Medical Assistant needed because the surgeon must have both hands free for the surgical instruments. This Medical Assistant can be replaced by the robotic camera control arm SOLOASSIST. The SOLOASSIST is independently and intuitively operated by the surgeon using a small joystick that is mounted with the appropriate adapter to a surgical instrument. The SOLOASSIST emulates an arm working within several degrees of movement. The endoscopic camera is registered in the TROCAR POINT (Entry point of the endoscope into the body) which is used as a center of rotation. Starting from this point of origin, the device calculates automatically the required individual movements of the axes in order to obtain the entire movement required. The SOLOASSIST is equipped with an electro-mechanical drive unit to perform the driven arm movements. An integrated release function permits manual movement of the SOLOASSIST at the push of a button. The system provides a large range of movement with a 360 ° panoramic view at an inclination of the endoscope up to 90 ° to the perpendicular. Despite its large scope

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