On a chaotic battlefield, a medic locates a wounded soldier, his hips soaked with blood. There’s a firefight in progress. The medic knows he only has 90 seconds to staunch bleeding before the soldier dies, and yet his wound is in an impossible-to-tourniquet location. This hypothetical situation is exactly what RevMedx’s XStat is made for. XStat is the first wound dressing of its kind – an applicator that functions like a large syringe, administering sponges that rapidly expand to stop bleeding. The XStat applicator is a simple, fast, durable delivery mechanism for these sponges. Its collapsible plunger is activated with a quick upward pull, and a silicone tip keeps sponges secure and sterile until deployment. Three nest together inside sterile pouches, making it easy for medics to carry. Testing shows 15-to-1 reductions in the time XStat takes to stop bleeding, which means more soldiers returning home to their families. It was so effective on battlefields that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved XStat for use on civilians. And in times like ours where gun violence is at an all-time high, this device has the potential to save thousands of lives annually.

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