REVITIVE Medic is a next generation product from Actegy Health which has been designed to improve blood flow circulation to the legs. It is a class IIa medical device that provides Electrical Muscle Stimulation, a proven therapy, in a simple and easy to use aesthetic form. The aesthetic communicates the interaction between science and nature. It hints at the technology behind the therapy, whilst not alienating the elderly demographic by being overtly hi-tech. It achieves this with a balance of soft organic forms intersected with precise geometric detailing. The design aims to improve the user’s experience at every touch point. Unessential features and design have been removed and as a result, it is a visually simple product which provides users with clear cues on how to interact with it. Users can control the device in a way which suits them best – foot controls, a hand-held remote switch or in conjunction with a smart phone app. The robust pebble shape is portable with a large handle and it has rechargeable batteries which reduce electrical waste. The radically new design aesthetic aims to differentiate it from low-value competition in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

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