The vision problem is becoming more serious than ever under the circumstance of the high internet penetration and multimedia education from lower ages. People nowadays put more attention on how to prevent and control the vision problems of the juveniles.
This “Refraction Tracking System” has realized household use integrated the cumbersome medical instruments to a handheld device by sophisticated optical arrangements and advanced software algorithm/design.
The adolescents can operate independently in tens of seconds measuring their near vision, distant vision and relative accommodation; meanwhile, those accurate data would sync to the app, cloud server and even the database of their doctors. Those numbers would be the data sources of doctors’ diagnostic analysis which achieve the pre-intervention and prevention of myopia effectively.
Our product interprets the professional attributes by its meaningful and simple design; it attracts children to have visual examination voluntary by its soft outlines and materials as well as friendly interaction experience.
This “Refraction Tracking System” will definitely become a cool and awesome Electronic partner of every child.

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