This product is a painless anesthesia device with convenient handling, neat arrangement of electric line and easy operability. And as its size is reduced by 60% and thus potable, it does not need to drag around a complex machine like the existing product. And the hassle of filling ampoules every time can be alleviated and the confusion with other machines can be prevented.
Normal painless anesthesia devices are operated with pedals. However, because this product has a control button in the side of injection needle which allows more deliberate control it can put a patient under anesthesia more carefully. The easy adjustment is available with an on/off button in the side of injection needle. So, as the pressure of anesthetic solution injected to the patient can be adjusted, the patient can be put under anesthesia without pain. The level of anesthesia can be finely adjusted.
General products adjust the pressure with a pedal. So it can lead confusion with other pedals and thus the anesthetic solution of stronger pressure triggered by wrong control can be injected.

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