A systematic solution developed by Pan-Medicare Ltd., allows least doctor resource to look after a large number of patients easily and efficiently. Specifically, the cloud-computed results of patients’ data (pulse wave, heart beat rate, blood pressure, cardiogram etc.) collected by PM-v2.0, and the data itself transmitted to doctor-end software could help doctors to make diagnosis efficiently and accurately. As an element of the systematic health solution, PM-v2.0 is designed to efficiently collect various and precise body information with an ergonomically instinctive gesture at any time. With creatively integrated strap-wrapped MPS (micro pulse sensors), front-end positioned ECG (electrocardiogram) electrode and fingerprinting (identity recognition) on opposite, users may accomplish lots of self-diagnosis anywhere rather than in clinics or hospitals. Apart from summarized heath information on OLED screens, various tests with detailed analysis are available in APP. Furthermore, the APP based on cloud will also push test results and recent health reports to connected family members and give advices about diets, exercises and health schedules.

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