The LED magnifier luminaire Opticlux is an approved medical device. It can be used in dermatology, in clinics and practices for human, dental and veterinary purposes, in laboratories as well as for sterilization control. The Opticlux is available as a ceiling or pin version and can be used with various mounting accessories on the wall or on a mobile roller stand. The lens cover protects the lens and can be easily parked at the spring arm during examination. Special requirements for cleaning are met by the high-quality housing, the scratch-resistant coated magnifying lens and the keypad. Ergonomic and practice-oriented are the long luminaire spring arm and the movable luminaire head. Thanks to special friction joints integrated springs, it can be moved easily and with positional stability. The homogeneous light field and the 1.9x magnification ensure comfortable vision and fatigue-free working. Especially for dermatological examinations, the magnifier lamp can be equipped with Wood light (black light). It aids in the diagnosis of fluorescent disease or pigmentation. The keypad is intuitive to use and allows you to dim the illuminance and turn on the Wood light mode with one touch.

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