Precision of form Microsurgery is a minimally invasive surgery technique that requires high-precision work. Comparatively gentle on the human body, this technique makes use of high-end surgical microscopes. The Opmi Pentero 900 surgical microscope is such a tool and serves to visualise tissue and blood vessels in microsurgery. It combines highly advanced optical resolution with innovative fluorescence technology. This new surgical microscope thus delivers innovative high-definition video quality that offers surgeons more image depth and greater detail. In addition, it impresses with its overall clear layout and slender design appearance. This impression is evoked by the microscope’s contour extending laterally from the HD touch screen to the entire front of the suspension system’s housing. The lateral elements projecting toward the front of the system also perform functional roles: they are intended to invite the user to use them as handles for monitor alignment. Through the intelligent arrangement of the multi-joint monitor swivel arm, the monitor and the suspension system together form a compact entity and permit flexible and precise positioning. In order to ensure cleaning the system is as easy as possible, all surfaces are kept smooth and feature almost no joints or seams. The front of the suspension system features an abrasion-resistant acrylic glass pane that enhances the high-quality appearance of the whole system.

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