The Finapres monitor provides a continuous non-invasive measurement of the arterial blood pressure using an inflatable finger cuff. Through a fast pneumatic control of the air pressure in the cuff the pulsation signal of the built-in photo-electric plethysmograph is suppressed. As a result, the outer pressure effected on the finger corresponds to the blood pressure in the finger artery. From the recorded variation of the finger arterial pressure, the upper arm artery waveform and the cardiac output are derived using special software algorithms. The double finger cuff system allows 24-hour monitoring in a very patient and user friendly way. The latest Finapres monitor, the Finapres Nova, can be configured with various hardware and software modules, such as a pacemaker optimization module and an application for testing of the autonomic nervous system.
The use of high-grade materials with fine surface finish, and the ergonomic graphical user interface give the Finapres Nova the timeless design of a high-end medical device, matching its application environment in hospitals, clinics and research institutions.With the Nova, DEMCON introduces the next generation of hemodynamic monitors.

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