Patients with allergic airway inflammation are different, requiring different treatments and dosages. Airway inflammatory disease management and control can be significantly improved through personalized monitoring of the airway inflammation rather than just following symptoms and assessing lung function. NIOX VERO is a fully portable, highly innovative, handheld device to measure airway inflammation. The device is appealing to younger patients, possible to hold and handle by small children, has a kind design that is playful and intuitive to use. To successfully measure airway inflammations the patient needs to inhale and exhale in a specific pattern, this can be difficult, especially for children, but playful animations, symbols, and sound effects support the patient and guide both the patient and the nurse to accomplish their test. The enlarged touchscreen is facing the patient, increasing legibility and enabling quick and easy fingertip navigation and display of results. The handle is easy to grip thanks to the shape and the high friction glossy surface. NIOX VERO is inviting and stimulating rather than sterile and clinical.

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