Innovative, extremely compact 3-in-1 professional digital X-ray platform, extremely user-friendly thanks to the 10’’ FULL-TOUCH colour touchscreen with step-by-step guided workflows. Allows both 2D (DENT, SIN, PAN, TMJ, CEPH…) and 3D diagnosis of the head-neck area for complete extraoral dental analysis plus ENT and cervical spine examinations. Outstanding images and super-fast, low-exposure scans to reduce X-Ray doses. The system can be fully updated at any time in just a few simple steps. It can also be configured modularly to suit the needs of different customers, allowing configuration with PAN or PAN-CEPH, each with 5 different 3D function levels with applications that range from DENTAL to MAXILLOFACIAL. This modularity means it can be used by small dental surgeries or X-ray centres and then adapted as they develop into multi-disciplinary clinics.

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