High definition intraoral camera (20 micron) for intraoral dental use with good close-up performance, broad depth of field (5-70 mm) and wide field of view (90°) with direct digital USB acquisition in the 16:9 (1280×720) format. The professional optical system features 7 glass lenses and a lighting system with light diffuser. An extremely small tip and retroflexed optics ensure maximum comfort and utilisation on third molars. The slider button lets users capture images and enlarge them with the digital zoom, all while keeping the handpiece under constant control via the 360° backlit ring which indicates its status. Equipped with interchangeable steel connector and automatic magnetic sensor activation. The add-on MACRO (1-5 mm) cap features 3 glass lenses and a beam concentrator. It allows optical enlargement, doubling image resolution to highlight micro-fractures (10 micron).

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