MODZ blood glucose meter makes measuring fun! The threshold for testing is lowered by the meter’s colourful touch screen, nice sounds and inspiring user interface. The meter’s elegant and minimalistic design gives diabetics reason to be proud of taking care of their health in style. The silicon cover makes the meter feel soft and approachable. And it’s functional; the loop on the cover enables attaching the meter on a strap to hang around the neck. The cover protects the meter itself from dirt and moisture and ensures that the meter is not slippery when held. The haptic experience of MODZ is striking. The meter’s user ergonomics are designed to work both at night and in the daytime. LED light on the strip opening makes it possible to use MODZ even in low lighting. MODZ has several carefully designed pedagogical properties. Funny cartoon characters depict various blood glucose feelings and help diabetics internalise the meaning of the test results. For good test results, the user is awarded points that can be collected to progress from one level to another, like in a game. Service design has played a key role in the development of MODZ’s advanced data transfer properties. MODZ sends the test results automatically and wirelessly by SMS to a desired mobile phone and to the MODZweb service where they can be viewed at any time.

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