The Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery, MIPS, is a truly minimally invasive surgical technique and kit for installing bone anchored hearing system that is completely suture free, does not leave any scarring and is performed in 10 minutes at local anesthesia. To facilitate this, and to ensure safety and a predictable result, an instrument kit have been developed consisting of a cannula, drills and a soft healing cap. All drilling is performed through the cannula, designed to protect the soft tissue, guide direction, hold cooling fluid and prevent drilling deeper than intended. In a minimally invasive procedure, tactility plays a much bigger role than in an open surgery. With the innovative design of the drill tips the surgeon receives a clear tactile feedback that the drill steps are being performed at the exact same location. The wide helical flutes of the drills both transport the hot bone fragments upwards, and allow cooling fluid to reach the bone. With its soft material and resilient design the soft healing cap protects during the healing period. Additionally, the soft healing cap is the first ever healing cap with an open interface towards the sound processor.

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